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Market Forces Create ‘Watershed Moment’ for Clean Energy

Market forces have brought clean energy to a watershed moment, NRG Renew President and CEO writes in a post on Renewable Energy World, and that means business leaders “have an important decision to make this year.”

They can “continue operating under the status quo, or join the list of successful companies creating a more sustainable future, by contracting or investing in renewable energy and making a positive impact on their brand, customers, employees, and bottom line.”

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Pointing to “exciting renewable energy announcements” from several major companies, from Kaiser Permanente to Apple [2], Google [3], and Citigroup [4], Doyle notes that “market forces have aligned to make distributed solar power a viable, strategic option.” He lists less expensive, more scalable technology, grid instability and weather catastrophes, volatile fuel prices, and sustainability goals as factors that are drawing major corporations to clean energy.

“A combination of all these factors has led to an increase in renewable investment, including a rise in the number of companies embracing distributed generation as a strategic, economic, and more sustainable energy option,” he writes.