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SolarCity Unveils Microgrid with Storage

SolarCity is introducing a microgrid product with energy storage, designed to make clean, resilient power attainable for municipalities.

“It’s interoperable with the grid but can also be islanded,” said Vice President of Communications Jonathan Bass. “Historically, these have been major complex projects that can be cost prohibitive for lots of organizations and communities. We have a pay-as-you-go model that can offer these services more affordably.”

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The system will feature Tesla lithium-ion batteries, and will be scaled up or down based on the size of the battery banks. It will also include a demand response feature to store off-peak electricity and release it when grid supplies are most expensive, Breaking Energy reports.

The cost of the product will depend on the configuration of each system, but “we are maniacally focused on cost reduction and seek to reduce costs such that we can offer solar at discounts to utility rates,” Bass said.