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Canadian Agency Announces $51 Million for 11 Cleantech Projects

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has announced $51 million in funding for 11 new cleantech projects in Quebec and Ontario.

In Quebec, Nemaska Lithium Inc. will receive $12.87 million for an electric vehicle pilot project, aimed at cutting costs associated with lithium hydroxide battery production. “Montreal-based CelluForce Inc. will also receive SDTC funding as it develops a process to extract nanocrystalline cellulose from dry wood pulp,” Cleantech Canada reports.

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In Ontario, Ottawa-based Grafoid Inc. receives $8.1 million to move toward automated manufacturing of graphene, which CEO Gary Economo describes as “the world’s new wonder material.” Cleantech Canada writes that “the company’s patent-pending process turns high-grade graphite into single, bi- and tri-layer graphene, which is adapted for use in the biomedical, renewable energy, aerospace and defence, automotive, construction, and lubricants and coatings industries.”