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California Could Cut Petroleum Use in Half by 2030

A combination of existing policies and new ones could put California on a course to reduce its petroleum use 50% by 2030 and achieve deep greenhouse gas emissions, according to an outline published last week in EV News Report.

“We are already on our way,” the publication states. “Building on current policies and trends that are providing Californians with more mobility options, more efficient vehicles, and a diverse set of cleaner fuels—we can meet this target, strengthen and grow our economy, and improve public health in our communities.”

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Petroleum production, refining, and use produce almost half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of its smog, and 95% of its cancer-causing particulate emissions from diesel. The Report states that existing policies will deliver a 20% reduction in petroleum use in cars and trucks by 2030.

California could reach the 50% threshold by building high-speed rail, supporting community planning to reduce vehicle miles travelled, setting higher vehicle efficiency standards, strengthening the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard, and continuing to provide strong market support for zero-emission vehicles and renewable fuel production.