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10 Leading Cities (And Many More) Aim for 100% Clean Energy by 2050

Aspen and Copenhagen head the list of 10 cities that have adopted 100% clean energy targets, Mother Nature Network reports.

“Historic announcements like the China-U.S. climate pact are still pushing a less ambitious, more incremental approach to cutting our emissions,” Glover writes. “That may be why many activists are focusing on the local, community level to push a more radical approach.” Petitions in hundreds of cities are calling for a transition to 100% renewables and zero emissions by 2050, and “activists are actually building on a growing number of communities that have already taken such pledges—and some that appear to have achieved them.”

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The 10 leading cities in Glover’s profile are: Aspen, Copenhagen, the Caribbean island of Bonaire (population 14,500, plus 70,000 tourists per year), Munich, Sydney, Australia, San Diego, Isle of Wight, UK, Frankfurt, San José, CA, and San Francisco.

“These cities and communities already make up an impressive list and, collectively, represent millions and millions of global citizens whose environmental footprint will be greatly reduced as their goals are achieved,” Grover notes. “They are just a few among many.”