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Police Arrest 53 in Kinder Morgan Protests

Independent journalist J.B. MacKinnon, author of The 100-Mile Diet, became the 53rd person arrested on Burnaby Mountain over the weekend, as part of ongoing protests against expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline.

“I didn’t go to Burnaby Mountain to show contempt for the courts, the RCMP, or oil and gas workers,” MacKinnon wrote in an exclusive statement to the Observer. “I went because the governments of Stephen Harper and Christy Clark have shown bottomless contempt for that majority of Canadians who want to see, and have a voice in, a credible plan to address the most urgent issue of our times: climate change.”

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Earlier, Simon Fraser University biochemist Lynn Quarmby, facing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit [2] from Kinder Morgan, crossed police lines and was arrested. “I’m going to turn around and walk up this hill and be the best citizen I can be,” she said [3].