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‘Alternative Portfolio’ Offers More Affordable Supply Than BC’s Site C Hydro Dam

An “alternative portfolio” of renewable energy projects compiled by the Clean Energy Association of British Columbia could meet the province’s power needs more affordably than the controversial Site C hydro dam, the Sun reports. CEABC estimated that “a roster of projects, including upgrades of two major BC Hydro facilities, would cost ratepayers $1 billion less than Site C over the 70-year life of their respective facilities,” Penner writes. B.C. Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett said he was open to considering the analysis: “I can tell you, we won’t be deciding to recommend Site C, and government won’t choose to build Site C, if we think there is a way to provide that energy for $1 billion less to the ratepayer.” (h/t to Clean Energy Review [1]for pointing us to this story)

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