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A $30,000 Tesla by 2016? (Where Do We Line Up??)

Tesla Motors may launch a $30,000 compact electric vehicle as early as 2016, though details are still scarce. “In an interview with Autocar, Tesla VP of Engineering Chris Porritt revealed that the E will be priced to compete with Audi’s A4 sedan and BMW’s Compact 3 series, which both cost a little over $30,000 new,” TechnoBuffalo reports [1]. But “this isn’t the first time we’ve heard word of a Model E from Tesla, [and] we still don’t expect to see the car announced for a while.” Kleinman links the more accessible price tag to Tesla’s plan for one or more gigafactories, expected to bring down the cost of battery production. (Now, let’s see—can we keep the current vehicle running until the Model E gets to Ottawa? h/t Rachel Irving-Beer for spotting this story.)

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