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Since Donald Trump entered the White House, the United States has gutted climate and environmental regulations, tried to speed up fossil fuel development, announced its withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement, and more. States, cities, businesses, and civil society have scrambled to fill the gap. Now, with President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris just weeks away from taking office, early indications are that their climate plan will be their economic plan will be their social recovery plan, with great prospects for faster, deeper carbon cuts.READMORE
The Trudeau government began its second term pledging tougher 2030 carbon targets, a net-zero target for 2050, greater climate accountability, and a whole-of-government response to the climate crisis. With the focus now shifting to building back better through green recovery investments, will Canada show up as a climate leader or laggard, at home and abroad?READMORE
Canada’s remaining vast deposits of bitumen will have to stay in the ground in pretty much any credible low-carbon scenario. How to make the transition, while building new opportunities for fossil workers and communities, is one of the biggest climate challenges the country faces.READMORE
What if one of the pathways to a post-carbon future is right beneath our feet? Decarbonization is the first step in curbing emissions that cause climate change. But natural climate solutions like carbon farming help draw down carbon dioxide already overheating the atmosphere. Getting it right begins with distinguishing between carbon sequestration methods that work and the more speculative, sometimes dangerous carbon capture plans for fossil industries.READMORE
Cities are on the front line of climate impacts. And provinces, states, and regions have a lot of say in the way practical climate solutions play out at the local level. As response to the climate crisis lags in many countries, urban and rural communities around the world are advancing climate solutions to deliver more resilient, livable communities for the citizens they serve. The patchwork performance of sub-national governments…gets complicated.READMORE

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